[s-cars] Water injection.

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Wed Jan 22 10:16:56 EST 2003

Earlier, "James Murray (LMC)" wrote:
> Can an S-Car without "intensive" washer fluid reservoir be adpated
> to one? if so how do you install this exclusive washer fluid reservoir?
> I wonder if it can easily be bought from either the "Stealer" or
> junk yard?
> Cheers, /James "Curious" Murray.

Wait a minute.  The intensive washer fluid reservoir is much smaller
than the regular reservoir.  The "intensive" fluid used by Audi is
straight undiluted washer concentrate; when spraying that for those
hard-to-remove bugs you don't need as much.  But, cars with this
intensive system will have two reservoirs.

Now, Cars that have headlight washers have a much larger washer fluid
reservoirs.  Find one of those tanks, and skip the headlight washing.

Regarding the Autospeed / Labtronics water spray control.  It is
a microprocesser controlled switch to figure when to close a relay
circuit for water spraying.  You can use it for either spraying
the outside of the intercooler or for spraying into the intake system
as you are describing.

    - Charlie

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