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You are correct.

In establishing a target savings for his Son's higher education, I carefully
analyzed the father's technical postings, miscellaneous ramblings and
general state of psychosis.  To be frank, Mr. K scored on the lighter side
of the first quartile on "hope he's strong cuz he aint smart" educational
expectations chart.  Clearly, if the beneficiary has somehow, through the
grace of god, managed to cull a greater percentage of the Mother's genetic
material, further adjustments will be needed.  The same holds true if the
Milk man made any "personal" deliveries.

Ed- who has spent many hours at the home of the "Diversity University" and
whose Father feels the pain as well.

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As a point of clarification, Ed was referring to two years of community
college at $500/semester.  If you're planning on sending your son to UVM,
buck up my friend, 'cuz your 529 plan ain't going to pay the tuition, rent
AND bar tab.

"For a $500 increase over your most recent pledge, we'll send you this
commemorative pencil with built-in eraser, along with your already
complimentary copy of Vermont Quarterly."

Bitterly yours,


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