[s-cars] Re: I5 Block heater

John Larson j.d.larson at verizon.net
Wed Jan 22 11:22:22 EST 2003

I have a freeze plug block heater on my 87.5 CGT.
Installed at Lau-Burg Audi (VW, Olds, Hyundai, etc.) in LaCrosse, WI.
P/n ZAP289103 "VW Heater" for a whopping $37.01 + $74.25 labor.
Doens't look much like a typical Audi p/n, but maybe it will help?


That IS a valid VAG part number. The letter prefix denotes a product from a
source other than the worldwide VAG organization.  Aftermarket A/C commonly
installed in VAG (and Porsche) cars in the 70s had a ZVW designation.  Some
things such as car care products and even stereos had similar numbers.  HTH,

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