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Dave Burig dburig at igsenergy.com
Wed Jan 22 16:13:46 EST 2003

I hear a bubbling sound also.  Usually while listening to Dark Side of the
Moon and watching The Wizard of OZ with the sound turned down.
I also hear it coming from the engine of my '93 (unable to pinpoint
location) after shut-down when hot.  Does it every time.  Has for years.  No
coolant smell, no puddles (at least not coolant).  Sounds to me more like a
sucking rather than an escaping bubbling sound.  Can't validate if the sound
goes away when after-run pump is running, 'cause I can't hear it over the

Dave "Yep, my car does that too" Burig

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	I have similar symptoms as Kevin on #1...besides the smell of coolant. I am
told that some bubbling is normal unless the After-run coolant pump is
running.  You can feel it on the top coolant hose and hear it if you listen
closely.  I see "no" signs of coolant loss.

Sometimes I wish the after-run pump would kick on at lower temps when the
car is off.

Can anyone else validate?


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Met Kevin here in Sunny Hartford here last week, he's attempting to join the
List but somehow his registration keeps getting kicked back.  ANYway, just
drove his car and he has some Q's for the collective wisdom here (insert
"sound of worm-can opening" here):

Patient:  '95.5 //S6 ~ 116k bone stock, very nice condition

1)  Coolant level on the low side, operating temp fine, negligible smell of
coolant underhood, no visible leaks.  Shut car off, sound of "bubbling /
pressure" is audible.  Unscrew reservoir, pressure released, sound gone.
While my initial gut tells me this is typically symptomatic of head gasket
leakage, I never thought these cars were really known for HG failure, in
stock form, in good cond., @ lowish miles.


2)  Sunroof reportedly stuck once due to ice, then "broke free" and opened.
Now, when closed and inside, you can reach up and push up on the rear edge
of glass and it's rather loose up and down.  And when it closes, it closes
7/8 way, then kicks back open.  Close again and it's fine.

Bueller?  Bueller?

Anyone with suggestions for Kevin here, be sure you cc him in your response.
Also, feel free to try and help him figure out how to properly subscribe

-Paul recruitin in CT K.
'95 //S6 sans HG or sunroof issues... yet
'58 TR3A mit copper HG sans sunroof or roof at all
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