[s-cars] RE: CD Changer Sony CDX-A15

Mark G. Hahn hahnmgh63 at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 22 13:37:31 EST 2003

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  It plugs in just like the factory changer. The Sony is actually the same
as the factory changer just a different cover as Sony manufactured the
factory changer. If you don't currently have a factory changer installed the
CD player will not directly plug into the wire into the trunk. There is a CD
changer interface unit that is no longer available from Audi USA but may be
available from other vendors. It is just a little wider than a pack of
cigarettes and the changer plugs into it then it plugs into the cars wiring
harness. There may be others on the list that have leads as to where this
can be found.  MGH

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From: Miller, Casey [mailto:Casey.Miller at janus.com]
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Hi mark,
I've been off list for a while, and just stumbled onto your cd changer
posting.  If you don't mind, for my recent lack of time, could you let me
know more about your cd changer?

I have a '92s4.  Will the sony CDX-A15 plug directly into my car without
modification, and work through my stereo as a factory unit would?

Thanks, and please clear me up if I have the wrong impression (or if this
changer only works with the later stereo heads).

Best Regards,
Casey in denver
'92 urs4 black/ecru


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