[s-cars] Intrax vs. Eibach, etc.

Paul Krasusky KrasuskyP at FirstInterBank.com
Wed Jan 22 17:07:06 EST 2003

Edweirdo queried:

http://photos.yahoo.com/rundeep_32     IIRC, there are also 2 pics at the
old Yahoo site under "files" - The poster is me "rundeep_32" and I think the
file is "S4 with A6 V8 Rims".  One of the pics is at street level.  Sorry,
my work firewall won't let my access the yahoo groups.....

Paul K - Is this the car you saw in NH?

Regards, Ed

Er, back @ the Audi Cruise @ Hampton Beach this summer?  If it now has NH
tags, yep, dat's the one.  Looked great.

One thing Ed here mentioned to me that he hints on a tad here is that the
Intrax pogo on rebound (as do the Eibachs IMO/E).  Depends what you're
looking for out of a spring.  Conversely, my H&R 29771s are definitely
_s_t_i_f_f_.  Not bone jarring, but one does feel the undulations more than
in the softer 29921s.  29921s felt more dynamic, mine feel more purposeful.

Now that I'm on my snows I don't notice the stiffness so much, much of it's
Y rated sidewall related IMO.  I dig 'em, not stiff enough in my book as car
still has more nose dive than I deem acceptable, but hey, we all got our
crosses to bear...

'95 //S6 stiffy
'58 TR3A can you spell lever-shocks on live axle???

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