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Thu Jan 23 23:48:16 EST 2003

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How do you know if you're 134A or R12? My build month is 12/93.


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Subject: [s-cars] Re: A/C Compressor Fest

Well, far be it for me to suggest something totally in violation of

various state (and possibly national) law, but...

A) If the systems are charged with 134A or equivalent, then you can

vent out the old by accident (opps!) and refill it with bottles from

the local auto parts store without legal issues. Still, an A/C

certified tech with the equipment to recover, clean and restore the

refrigerant is preferable.

B) If the systems are charged with R12 or equivalent, then you wouldn't

be able to get your hands on replacement refrigerant in the US without

a valid A/C license, and can't legally vent the R12 -- it has to be

recovered by law (good time to do that R-134A conversion -- expensive

with a new dryer/accumulator, etc, but worth it if you are planning on

keeping the car for 3 or more years). If you're planning on doing the

conversion, let the rebuilder/remanufacturer know this before they get

to work on the compressor designed for R-12 and ask for their

recommendations (they may change the gearing or the pulley wheel to

permit higher compression rates to make up for the lessor efficiency of


...But, if you have any friends in Mexico (or Texans living close to

the border), they can scoot over to their local Mexican equivalent of

Discount Auto Parts and pick up R12 by the case without a license.

After it crosses back over the border, getting to you should be easy

enough (has to travel via ground transit though). It seems totally

unfair, but it is available (at a very reasonable cost, even!). Ever

wonder where your old R-12 goes after it's recovered during a R-134A

conversion? It gets sent out in bulk to firms that clean it and then

repackage it for the mexican market... How's that for a gas?!?

Best Wishes,

=-= Marc Glasgow

On Thursday, January 23, 2003, at 08:20 AM,

s-car-list-request at audifans.com wrote:

> Someone, Dave I think, suggested having a "compressor-a-thon" for group

> replacements. Unless one of you has all the equipment including the

> refrigerant recovery and vacuum evacuation equipment I don't think you

> want to do this yourselves. You might check and see if a license is

> required for purchase of refrigerant in quantity.

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