[s-cars] re: car dying between shifts

David Giannandrea giannandrea at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 23 22:34:03 EST 2003

This symptom on my car was fixed by replacing the MAF (mass air-flow
sensor). I think it is related to the hot wire that is used to sense the
cooling effect of  the passing air, therefore calculating the amount of air
going into the engine.

Now, I had asked the dealer for the part, but it was not returned. Some lie
about stock charge (implying rebuilt) but the price was same as new, about
$650. You can get them for about $400 other places.

Another note. The fault code that indicated the MAF, also suggested that the
grounding strap and the rear of the valve cover can cause this problem.


check the ground strap at rear of valve cover.
get ready to replace the MAF.


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