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Un-noticed, and unloved Paul.  The story of my life

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~Earlier, Paul Krasusky wrote:
~> Mikey busted:
~> -Paulie it went unnoticed by everyone ELSE Mike 8-) K.
and speaking of otherwise un-noticed, I think I tried to pass this along as
well, but it didn't seem to make it past the net censors, that or I'm still
having irresolvable email address issues:

Any how, FWIW, feeling inadequately fueled, in my search to otherwise
compensate for "small injector syndrome" I came across the following, that
others (assuming there could be others) might find of passing interest:

Subject: Fuel Injector X-Reference page / chart

For those who care about, or occasionally have need for such things, if it
hasn't been posted before, I came across the following link:


which seems to have compiled a lengthy list of Fuel Injectors by various
manufacturers, i.e. Accel , Bosch, Bosch-Ford, Lucas & others, along with
impedance info & claimed flow rates.

Maybe some one has some comments or feed back on the "Peak Horsepower per
Injector" table at the end of the list  :-)
FWIW, based on my results (if they're to be believed), the AAN must be
capable of a BSFC of @ .32 with RS2 injectors running**  at about an 80%
duty cycle!  Is that credible, or.... incredible?  **


**  a 34 to 36 lb/hr or @ 360 cc/min @3 bar injector
*** fudge factor, I've been told fuel pressure was/is approaching 8 bar when
running 27+ psi

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