[s-cars] Mistery miss solved - as always, I overlooked the obvious

Robert Voytcheff goattail at telus.net
Sat Jan 25 15:24:31 EST 2003


Since this was not the first time I have dealt with a bad coil or connector,
I foolishly assumed that this is where the problem was. Finally, I replaced
one coil, that appeared to be the problem, even though my test disconnecting
the injectors on at the time were inconclusive. The problem persisted,
however. In a desperate attempt to get to the bottom of things and knowing
full well, that the plugs were replaced by the Audi dealer not long ago, I
removed one spark plug (I know, this should have the first thing on my
list). To my utter dismay, the object that came out of the hole was your
garden variety 3 prong Bosch copper spark plug. I raced to the store and
after replacing the plugs with the proper (and pricey) platinum ones, I
again can enjoy smooth and seamless acceleration.

Thanks to all who responded with suggestions.

Robert V

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