[s-cars] CEL on, 95.5 S6 avant wont start... help

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 25 22:35:29 EST 2003

You can blink the codes out by shorting two pins together.
Scott Mockry's site has a good explanation of this.  Here is the link:
Hope this helps.

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Hoping that the collective wisdom of the group can
help out here...
Here in Mass visiting my parents and their 95.5 s6
avant's CEL came on 48 hours ago.  It was intermittent
and seemed to come on only after driving for 10 min or
so.  It would always go off after stopping (and
occasionally while driving slowly - less the 25 mph
for 2-3 min).  There was absolutely no noticeable
change in performance or power... we drove
approximately aprox 225 miles... again with no
noticeable change in performance.
Today after parking and returning to the car 30 min
later... it wouldn't start.  Cranks but won't catch.
It's not a power issue (brand new battery) so, any
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  We
currently don't have a VAG... can we access the codes
on the 95.5 w/out it?
The car has approximately 50,000 miles and zero

95.5 S6 avant
98.5 A4 2.8qms

puzzling over my father's 95.5 S6 avant.

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