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some long distance carriers in US adds surcharges on any calls to cellular
numbers outside of NA - in some cases the surcharge is higher or even
significantly higher than charge for a call to that number in Europe.

The "socialistic" CPP (calling party pays) Euro approach is to have everyone
pay for the personal convenience of the guy who has the cell phone unlike in


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Marc Glasgow wrote:

One note: the 171 prefix phone number is a cell phone, and calls from
the US will incur a substantial per-minute surcharge for calling it.


Why will calling a cell phone in Germany incur a substantial surcharge? This
is not a given, its down to your long Distance carrier.

You cannot extrapolate from the US telephone experience to Europe, these
days. In Europe almost everybody has a mobile phone which allows them to be
contactable at almost all times, wherever they may be. Reception is largely
excellent, funnily enough it is only when receiving calls from the US that I
experience any quality of service issues, go figure! As the mobile phone
network in Europe integrates the SMS system, pagers are redundent. It makes
complete sense to post a mobile phone number when selling a car in Europe.

In most parts of the world it is possible to switch to the carrier which
offers the best rates to your target destination on a call by call basis,
this is very handy (German joke), but don't be surprised if there is a lot
of compression on a really cheap service.



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