[s-cars] Re: Pricing on installed window tint

James Bonnet jimbo at sysdump.com
Mon Jan 27 09:54:30 EST 2003

Bruce Mendel wrote:

>I paid $300 for a great job in northern CA on 3M film with lifetime
>The job they did was so good that when they tried to flunk me at NJ
>inspection for having front windows tinted, and tugged at the tint and
>looked for seams or other lines indicating it was not a factory job, they
>could not find anything and wound up passing me.

Thats where I am as well, California.. The place that quoted $275 was in
Livermore, Ca. The guy's been doing it for years, is into p-cars and has
a cool old model T with some big'ol chrome motor sticking out of it =)

My brother in law works for a Porsche dealer in Fremont, Ca. He tells
his customers to use this guy if they need tinting done.

aaannyyway, He'll probably do a dual color Florida stying inlay, in neon
pink that says GO RAIDERS if you want..

uh, ouch.

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