[s-cars] DIY Window Tinting

Ray Tomlinson ray at s-cars.org
Mon Jan 27 15:36:20 EST 2003

Window tinting is not difficult, if one has the proper tint, edging tools,
and adhesive.  I have sourced both 3M and Madico tint in the past, and find
that Madico makes very, very good tint in almost every combination possible.
http://www.madico.com/AutoSpecs.htm.  This was important to me because,
owning a black car, tinting windows black was overkill and asking for
trouble, so I went with Madico's Charcoal tint.  Madico's charcoal line
filters 99% UV, and is non-metal, so it does not interfere with antenna or
cell use, two attributes that many of you contemplating tint will soon
discover as a side-effect to most brands of tint.  General rule of thumb for
"professional" install is $45/window, $55-60 for the rear (must be done in
sections, to accommodate curvature of the glass).  I would trust a pro to
the rear window, but your doors and rear quarters are really easy.  Take
your door liners off for a really high-quality job, because you'll be doing
your stereo pre-wiring at the same time.

I am in discussions with Madico's New England Distributor for a potential
group buy, and then Paulie K, er, someone, can hold a tint-a-thon at his
house in the spring.  I will post to the list costs, savings, etc.

Be sure to read up on your state's window tint law, and when you are pulled
over, put down your windows and place both hands on the steering wheel.
This makes any officer feel more comfortable, and reduces any unnecessary
questioning or risk.

Ray Tomlinson
Boston, MA

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