[s-cars] Ignition System Improvement?

James Murray (LMC) James.Murray at ericsson.ca
Mon Jan 27 18:40:05 EST 2003

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Back in December there was a small thread from Bruce M. about "Hi-Energy Ig=
nition Systems", interested I contacted www.ignitionsolutions.com to see if=
 they had anything for the AAN engine since they had nothing posted on thei=
r web site. The rep said that 1 of the Engineers previously modified a set =
coilovers for an UrS4 friend in Germany, but it was a 1 time deal, and need=
 confirmation from the Engineer who performed the surgery. I recently heard=
 back from the Ignition Solutions and said they could do it again, priced a=
t $875 for 5 new coils with warranty, or they could modify your own coils (=
I don't know the price) but I would imagine around $275 since 5 new coils c=
osts around $600.

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