[s-cars] 255 Tires

Bob D bdonally at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 27 20:16:36 EST 2003

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I am looking at a set of 255-40-17 tires on some A6 wheels.
When trial fitting them, and running the steering lock to lock, there is on=
e point about half way or more towards full lock where the "corner" of the =
tire just barely clears the plastic liner at the back of the wheel well.
In my experience this usually doesn't get any better under driving conditio=
ns but i like the wheels and wonder if anyone has any words of wisdom.
Will about 1mm of clearance to a bit of plastic be any cause for alarm?
Since it is at a point that you would only encounter when parking (or getti=
ng really sideways) I wonder if I can just live with it.
FWIW, I used to track the car but don't much anymore.

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