[s-cars] heater fan a thon (dealer prices)

Douglas Landaeta landaeta1 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 27 22:50:32 EST 2003

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Franco - nice find, good reference for the stealer prices - i checked to
make sure my 5-speed was still worth $8000!

Original follows:

While doing a google search for audi parts prices, I came across a
site (http://www.pagauto.com/audi.htm) that contains what appears to
be a means to lookup dealer parts prices.
I think it's a dealer. West Broad Volkswagen Audi, Richmond, VA.
(also see http://www.westbroadvwaudi.com).
In any case, when I found the right place, I entered the
audi part numbe for the temp sensor fan (4A0 820 545) and
this is what popped out:
Hvac, Controls, Blower Motor, Temp Sensor, All Models, All Models
Instument Panel, Fan, Fan
List Price
$235.75 $212.18

So, if this is right, that little fan gets $212 or so at the stealer.

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