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Brrrr!  <shudder> <shudder>  I hope so!

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>This must be a photoshop job right?
>P.S. Nice car Chris !
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>> The time has come for me to part with my beloved 93 S4.  I am hesitant to
>> sell it as it is so good and runs so well, but I really cannot justify having
>> a big sedan in the fleet any longer.  Besides, I have the new sports car
>> bug... bad.
>> '93 S4, 95,000 miles, rare red with black leather, carbon fiber trim, CD and
>> phone.  H&R lowering springs, ECS Stage I chip and camber correction plates,
>> tasteful rear wing, recent clutch and rear brakes.  Oil changes every 3K
>> miles, Samco MM hose.  The car was babied by its first owner to 70K miles and
>> by me for the last three years.  The interior is flawless and the exterior is
>> certainly nicer than any others I've seen and than most 10-year-old cars.
>> Never tracked or wrecked, never any paintwork.  Typical S-car issues,
>> including fussy remote entry and warped side trim.  Driver's side heated seat
>> stopped working a few weeks ago.  Car was purchased from Euro-Car Service
>> (ECS Tuning) in December of 1999, and all maintenance has been performed by
>> them as I don't trust myself with wrenches.  Tom at ECS knows the car and
>> told me it's the best-running one he's seen.  Just excellent overall
>> condition.  Book value runs from $10,350 trade-in value to $15,550 dealer
>> retail without adjustment for low mileage and overall excellent condition.
>> It's listed on the s-cars.org site at $14K, but make me a reasonable offer.
>> There are a few pics at <A HREF="http://www.ecstuning.com/audipic13.htm">http://www.ecstuning.com/audipic13.htm</A> -- I can take
>> more pics if needed.  If you're looking for an excellent platform on which to
>> do an RS2 conversion or just a phenomenal daily driver, this is an excellent
>> candidate.  Car is in Akron, Ohio.
>> Chris Eck
>> GreenBugeye at aol.com
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Chris Eck
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