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I'm sold on the DeLorme Street Atlas USA Version 9.0 over all GPS
software packages.  However, I don't like their newer 2003 version.


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I don't see the dealer playing an active role in price setting.
Rather, the better parts suppliers are proactive in the sourcing and
pricing of units, rather than passively using ANA suggested prices.  I
agree Audi pricing amounts to gouging, especially since this part was
only a small portion of the nav system whose main function seems to be
finding the closest dealer.
Being one of the poor cousins with only a 6 platform, I am left to
navigate with a laptop w/ rand mcnally maps and gps, which is unwieldy
while driving, or palm with gps where you run off the map too soon.
And you can not reset the maps while driving!  You should see the
prices on some of the portable units made for cars: $1K to $4K for
something too big to carry around and no integration in the vehicle
except cig liter power plug.  At least the laptop does VAG-COM and
Bentley manual.
Tom  no latte at my garage (cappuccino maybe)

On Tuesday, January 28, 2003, at 10:23 AM, Bill M  again reminded us
about his fancy A8;

> So, when the local stealer reported that old a8 Nav unit CD player
> doesn't play would be $800 to replace and thats with trading in the
> old unit,
> I say uhmm no thank you kind sir.
> Call Claire this AM, $393 net.
> I can't say I'm totally surprised, but in a word; WTF!!
> I mean come on.  Double $$ ??
> There is no doubt in my mind that the new/used car sales tactics have
> spread
> to the service and parts departments where they take a deep breath,
> throw
> out a price and hope you say yes.  People are gonna be puking their
> Audi
> Cafe latte's :Q
> Be careful out there!
> <off soap box>
> Bill M - now $$ for that tor-cen rear diff:)

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