[s-cars] Seat Heater Lamps out?

Scott Munger mungerts at uneedspeed.net
Thu Jan 30 17:03:24 EST 2003

Thanks to Mr. Munro, I successfully re-lit my seat heater modules and am
very psyched to be able to see them again at night!!  I over-bought LED's by
about 90 (The markup at Radio Shack really kills me, so I'd rather pay 10
times as much and get 100 times the quantity ;-)  )

The good thing about these T3 LEDs is they have a diffuse pattern and have a
100 degree viewability range compared to a LEDs usual 10 or 20 degrees.
They are also a perfect cyllinder with a flat tip,   2.5 V and work great
with a 470 Ohm, 1/4 watt resistor.  I'm not looking to make a profit, but
want to help out any of you who may need to go through the process.  PayPal
me $2 and I'll send you 4 LEDs (I smoked a few testing resistor values; who
couldn't use a spare or two?)

--Scott 'I've got LED's coming out of my' Munger
'93 S4

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