[s-cars] Temp & Trans Question

Bruce Mendel brucem105 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 30 20:55:29 EST 2003

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Hi all.

I've been following the posts about t-stats and mileage with interest. I ge=
t lousy (LOUSY) mileage all the time, and last night while running on the h=
ighway for 50 miles, in 30 degree F temp, at 85MPH, my temp gauge read just=
 to the right of the third mark (first mark being far left at 50 Celsius, t=
hen two thick lines close by, then one more thick mark a little further awa=
y, then 90 thick mark). In other words, only about halfway to the thick 90 =
degrees Celsius mark. That seems WAY low, yes?

Also, oil temp the whole time was very low (running 5W-30 Mobil 1) as well,=
 at around 85 Celsius by my guess, being just on the mark after the thick 6=
0 Celsius starting mark.

Second, does anyone know if a S4 2.7TT 6-speed trans can be bolted up to a =


93 S4, lousy mileage

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