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My Sumitomo HTR-ZII are definitely of the "rounded shoulder" type.

Although the rounded shoulder has less ultimate grip (at least that
is my understanding), it's supposed to be more forgiving when you
reach the limit in that it gives you more warning of impending doom.

You running Conti Sport Contact or Sport Contact 2? Biiiig difference.

I'm running H&R 29800 and Bilstein Sports on my somewhat lighter 200.


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I know, it's strange.  Na, I'm running the ContiSportContacts, sidewalls
are actually rather square straight up and down (no flare).  Oh, forgot,
H&R 29771s / Bilstein Sports.  Again, not enough that it's ANY concern,
just stating it literally.

-Paul from wife's address today / tomorrow so don't respond to it K.

P.S.  anyone want a headcold?  Upside is sweet medbuzz I'm catching...

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Funny Paul-
My 255s don't rub in my car, neither do Igor's in his S6.

You're running S03s, right? Maybe the difference in tire size due to
difference in brand and model is the big factor in determining whether
the tire will rub or not. My rear tires rubbed for the first day or two
that I had them mounted, then no more rub- strange.

225/45R17 snows for time being
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