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Apparently there is some modification required to the tailpiece
of the transmission in order for it to mount to an UrS.

It sounds to me like your engine temps are rather low- my car runs
at around 90C even in this cold weather, once it's warmed up. A bad
t-stat may definitely help explain your gas mileage problems.

Also, IMHO, 5W30 is too thin of an oil for your engine- I'd stick
w/ 10W30.


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Hi all.

I've been following the posts about t-stats and mileage with interest. I
get lousy (LOUSY) mileage all the time, and last night while running on
the highway for 50 miles, in 30 degree F temp, at 85MPH, my temp gauge
read just to the right of the third mark (first mark being far left at
50 Celsius, then two thick lines close by, then one more thick mark a
little further away, then 90 thick mark). In other words, only about
halfway to the thick 90 degrees Celsius mark. That seems WAY low, yes?

Also, oil temp the whole time was very low (running 5W-30 Mobil 1) as
well, at around 85 Celsius by my guess, being just on the mark after the
thick 60 Celsius starting mark.

Second, does anyone know if a S4 2.7TT 6-speed trans can be bolted up to
a UrS4?


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