[s-cars] Stock Ur-S6 Rim Wanted

Keith Maddock Keith.Maddock at trw.com
Fri Jan 31 08:55:42 EST 2003

If I had a dollar for every rim I bent when living in the Detroit area.......

OK, I'd only have $4, but still .. gotta "love" Detroit :)

Overnight 5 foot diameter Pothole?  Random brick in the middle of I94?

Sorry I don't have a rim..

Keith "Detroiter in Swedish Exile" Maddock

Keith Maddock, TRW Automotive,  Koblenz, Germany
Slip Control Systems, Systems Design, Traction Control
+49 (0)261/ 895 2474     -    -    keith.maddock at trw.com

>>> Edward <rebank at juno.com> 15:27:12 30.01.2003 >>>

I am looking for a stock 16" Avus rim.  If you have one to spare please let me know off the list.  I am in Detroit 'burbs.

Thanks in advance,


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