[s-cars] Gas milege on 95 s6

Odyrestorations at aol.com Odyrestorations at aol.com
Fri Jan 31 09:32:06 EST 2003

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I'm amazed at what I'm reading. In 50,000 miles, I've always gotten 18 - 19
mpg combined driving. My highway trips have always been at 75+ mph, mileage
around 20-22.  These numbers did not change significantly after the MTM 1+
upgrade, 20,000 miles back. Since replacing a faulty thermostat, I more
regularly see 19+, but never 20 in combined driving.  25 mpg seems like a
dream. 30? Impossible without drafting behind semis. I guess I should check
the O2 sensor.
Maybe the egg-under-the-throttle trick would work as well.

Tom Rasmussen
95 S6

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