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Rob & CO!
While you so splendidly assisted me in upgrading my CBL 6 speed at Mr.Kluge
workshop I had a 95 CRB RS2 gearbox in my car(C4 body). I was warned about the
tailhousing would hit the shifting lever, but I decided to testfit it anyway
without changing the tail housing. And yes there are room for the CRB in our
chassie without changing the tail housing, I just installed the 4 boltet
Procon 10 "frame" from the CBL to the CRB and changed the reverse gear cover
and shifting axle.

Worked like a charm for many months, and I measured the clearance between
shifting rods and the CRB tailhousing to be around 15mm.

Best regards Joern,MTM RS

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>Hi Keith:
>All of the people that bought a CRB from me had to do the following
>1. Rear tail housing from S4/S6 or any large bodied (C-Chassis) Audi. This
>is because the smaller Audis have a big hump for the Procon 10 cables. The
>hump interferes with the shifter on the lager bodied Audis. There is a good
>pic of a standard CRB rear tail housing on Charlie's webpage of this.
>2. Reverse gear cover has to be changed. The S4/S6 has a rod that is fixed
>on a stud that is screwed into the reverse gear cover. Again there are pcs
>on Charlie's
>If you car has Procon 10, you'll need to use the 2 threaded bosses on the
>center case to mount the Procon 10 bracket. The later "C" center cases do
>not have these holes or the cast in bosses. I am enclosing a picture of this
>but I added some text
>in German to explain this difference to someone here. The later "C" cases
>also have
>more metal (a bigger bump) around the area where first gear is.
>BTW, I'm heading off to Mr. Kluge to drop off your trans and pick to my last
>CRB and have my digital camera ready. There will be some photos of the 2
>types of mainshafts later.
>Kind Regards
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>Taka suggested
>"Apparently there is some modification required to the tailpiece of the
>transmission in order for it to mount to an UrS."
>Taka, Do you have more data on that?
>For UrS4/S6, it's my understanding tailpeice modifications are only needed
>if the 6-speed is a  CGR/CRB transmission from a S2 or RS2.
>For UrS4 (NOT the UrS6) , the later S4tt transmissions (and most post 95
>transmissions), however, I beleive will require centerbox modifications,
>since they have the 211C center section, which does not have the appropriate
>bosses to mount the UrS4 Procon10 brackets.  Only the 211B center section
>has these bosses, and it is not a cheap part.
>The other option is to ditch the UrS4 Procon 10 system alltogether.
>Elijah, what did you do with your Procon-10 Cables and Bracket??  If I
>recall, you have a 94 S4, right?
>(CC to Rob B. and Charlie and Elijah)
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