[s-cars] Tranny problems?

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Fri Jan 31 13:31:53 EST 2003

Hi Y'all,

The better half and I ran a couple of errands uneventfully this morning and
I parked the S6 in the garage.  I few minutes ago the better half started
out on another errand and found she could not get it into gear.  OK, before
you get all male chauvinistic about it, I tried also.  The car suddenly
will not go into first gear.  I could get it into third and was able to
move it a little but at the expense of the clutch.

Is there a history of this sort of problem?  Any suggestions?  My prime
suspect is likely to be the shift linkage.  The clutch pedal feels
normal.  How does one check the linkage?

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