[s-cars] Temp / T-Stat Update

Bruce Mendel brucem105 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 31 16:23:18 EST 2003

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OK, my scientific testing, using the HVAC diagnostic display (thank you eve=
ryone, very slick!) is complete:

Ambient temp 43F, cloudy, drizzly (welcome to NJ).

1=2E Car started from cold, HVAC started at 10c and climbed  during the dri=
ve. Run for 15 minutes in 45mph two lane road, some stops at lights, some s=
low moving traffic, readout was no higher than 73c. Then I let it sit at id=
le for a long time, and slowly the temp got to 83c before I shut it off.

2=2E Let it sit for an hour, ran it again for 30 min. Started at 50c, did n=
ot get above 73c while driving 45mph for five miles, no stops. At very slow=
 traffic speeds, got to 79c, then started to drop back down. Waiting for sc=
hool bus idling for ten minutes, got to 87 and then dropped to 85, staying =
right in that range at idle. Once I started driving, started falling again.

3=2E Overall, even in moderate (30-45mph) town driving, it does not crack 7=
5c. On highway, I am sure it'd be lower, more like the 67-70c I was guessin=
g at the other day. But at idle, it does work its way up to 87c.

4=2E Misc: The analog gauge reads slightly higher than the HVAC display....=
.when needle is dead on 90c, HVAC shows 83c. Seems to be consistent delta a=
t all temps.

T-stat going bad??

93 S4

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