[s-cars] Temp / T-Stat Update

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Fri Jan 31 20:02:02 EST 2003

Yes Bruce I would say it is.
It seems that our cars subscribe to the list as well thru there secretly
install 802.11 wireless connections. At any lengthy discussion about T/Stats
it seems the cars decide on there own that they require new ones. I believe
this works as well for the remote mirror selector switch backlighting.
As I type this I am scanning all the Rat Shacks in S.Ontario for the
required t1 bulbs.
It seems that there are limited stock, due to warehouse lack of stock... Hum
a theme here ?

I will be ordering a lot of a hundred at $.68 / piece CAD. I will then mail
2 out to random addresses every week.


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OK, my scientific testing, using the HVAC diagnostic display (thank you
everyone, very slick!) is complete:

Ambient temp 43F, cloudy, drizzly (welcome to NJ).

1. Car started from cold, HVAC started at 10c and climbed  during the drive.
Run for 15 minutes in 45mph two lane road, some stops at lights, some slow
moving traffic, readout was no higher than 73c. Then I let it sit at idle
for a long time, and slowly the temp got to 83c before I shut it off.

2. Let it sit for an hour, ran it again for 30 min. Started at 50c, did not
get above 73c while driving 45mph for five miles, no stops. At very slow
traffic speeds, got to 79c, then started to drop back down. Waiting for
school bus idling for ten minutes, got to 87 and then dropped to 85, staying
right in that range at idle. Once I started driving, started falling again.

3. Overall, even in moderate (30-45mph) town driving, it does not crack 75c.
On highway, I am sure it'd be lower, more like the 67-70c I was guessing at
the other day. But at idle, it does work its way up to 87c.

4. Misc: The analog gauge reads slightly higher than the HVAC
display.....when needle is dead on 90c, HVAC shows 83c. Seems to be
consistent delta at all temps.

T-stat going bad??

93 S4
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