[s-cars] ISV Source Please - Parts Connection @ $195

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at mci.com
Sat May 24 12:39:35 EDT 2003

Thanks gentlemen.  BTDT on the cleaning and lube aspects as well as testing
per Bentley.  I put a known good valve in and all stumbling symptoms
disappeared so a new one it appears is on the parts list.



>On the other hand, if the problem is crud I have some
>BTDT. I cleaned the insides with carb cleaner. That
>got it squeaky clean i.e. too clean. There was too
>much friction in the moving parts and I couldn't get
>good idle regulation because of it. Brett Dikeman of
>the 20V list has confirmed that carb cleaner will
>remove too much lube. So I put in a littlw WD40 and it
>worked fine.

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