[s-cars] Stalling at idle, 2324 error.

Bjørn Eirik Ødegård Bjorn.Eirik.Odegard at roxar.com
Thu Nov 20 09:38:05 EST 2003

Oh, almighty Audiots, I bring you my worries!

Got a problem a couple of weeks ago, a small shudder at speed, and the Check engine light came on.
2324, 'Mass Airflow Sensor - Check sensor and wiring for breaks or shorts to B+ or ground or check for air leak.'
I have dis/reconnected the ECU and the MAF, but to no avail. The engine stalls under 1k rpms, and runs rough if I try to maintain lower RPMs with the throttle. Above 1k, it runs smooth as always.
No apparent air leaks, I've inspected the MAF, but the strange is taht it doesen't matter if the MAF is connected or not..
I tried to delete the error, but it comes on again at next start. (was intermittent for a couple of days..)
Could the MAF really be shot? I run screens, and the filament/thread seems intact, and there was no apparent damage.. The first time the light came on, I was shifting gear, so I'm a little confused here. Next time, i coasted into a 30 miles zone. Now it never shuts off after start, i.e. the light is on at all times.
The moistrure trap stuff is OK, but I haven't checked the tubing inside the ECU yet.

Any tips? Should I just test with a known good MAF? check wiring for shorts? is there any fuses on this circuit? Any BTDT's?

Car has RS2 manifold, hybrid turbo, MTM 305-320hp software, stock pressure sensor, MAF, FPR and injectors.
Runs relatively well at normal speeds, but has since winter/spring used a bit more fuel (20%) soo I've got a new OXS, not installed yet.

Bjorn  :o)
'92 S4 MTM

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