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Boges.  I'd replace them with Bilstien HD's unless you are going with
lowering springs.

You will also want to replace control arm bushings and tie rod ends.

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Subject: [s-cars] Worn out shocks on 92 S4??

> Hi everyone,
> I am in the process of getting my 92 S4 back to nice condition.  The most
> important thing I need to do is replace my front shock absorbers.  They
> wasted!!
> I was intersted in what some of you guys have done and what it costed for
> different choices you made.  I also just may want to go with the original
> setup however I have not been able to find out if these shocks are truly
> different than other shocks that would fit.  Does anyone know about these
> shocks.  I am aware there is a stiffer suspension in 92 but I don't know
> about these shocks.
> Thanks for any advice.   As always,  enjoy your cars.
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