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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

tolerances and better designed/CAM blades and compressor housings.  The ball
bearing thing, altho once thought to be the *next* big breakthru hasn't
really manifested itself in practice...  Yet.  I believe this to be related
to the testing issues where most ball bearing turbos were tested in
conjuction with other variables (lightening of wheels the biggest).


Scott Justusson
T44tqw mit rounded teepee IC

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mlped at writes:

Jimmy - You might want to see if you can beg, borrow, steal or, failing
that, actually buy a copy of Corky Bell's recently released book

He's redone & greatly expanded on the chapter on intercooling originally in
Maximum Boost.  BTW, on another food for thought matter, if you carefully
examine some of the B&P IC designs vs. say the extruded tube construction,
you may see that the B&P's have significantly more flat vertical faces.
It's been suggested, especially on the intake side, the addition of a rolled
face, or "teepee" might improve air flow, i.e.
the face would look like:

               OR      /
    ]                ]
    )                >
    ]                ]      <- Charge Air flow direction
       )                >
    ]                ]

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