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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

S75 (12 Amp Breaker) with BL (Blue) and R (red) wires, for the Idle air,
Evaporative Canister, and Waste Gate Solenoids.
S72 (15 Amp Breaker) with BL (blue) and BK/R (Black with red stripe)
for supplying +12V to the Fuel Injectors.
S26 (5amp fuse) - +12V to the ECU
S64 (15 Amp Breaker) with a BK (black) and BK/G (Black with Green
for supplying +12V to the Ignition Coils.


Mike I got pipe:) so, email away! Looks like two possible avenues to the
short... 1=2E) HRSB - I don=92t know what electrical connections may be
the rear axle but a cursory inspection of the bar by myself revealed
scraping/chipping of the powder coating at the most severe angled bend
conceivably could have pinched/severed perhaps some fuel pump wires if
were in the way while threading the bar from side to side. 2=2E) Smoke
observed from rear of engine where wires go to coils could have been
by ??? fuel starved cylinder pumping out smoke through loose spark plug
cylinder number two??? (he speculates.) Is the rightmost 15 amp fuse
the ecu have to deal with the fuel pump? Bueller? Thanks to all for
help.\ Bill m -wondering just how in the hell I'll make a Friday track

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