[s-cars] RS2 ebay auctions cancelled

Jim Klein jimk at spotgraphicsinc.com
Wed Nov 5 15:41:19 EST 2003

I realize this isn't really a kosher email to send to everyone but it is
the only thing I could think of.  This is not a spam.  Those of you that
know me or have entered into transactions with me know I am a standup
guy and not a slimeball spammer.  Some of you are probably aware that I
was selling an RS2 turbo, EM and a Lehman Stage 3-chipped ECU on ebay.
Ebay, in their infinite wisdom just sent me an email notifying me that
they are cancelling the auctions because:
1. I crosspromoted products - basically in the turbo ad I said I also am
selling an EM in another auction etc. and:
2. I was charging a bit extra if the buyer used a creditcard to PayPal
me (in essence, I wanted to SPLIT the paypal fee with them) as opposed
to a Bank Account.
Apparently both of these things are highly disallowed under ebay rules.
I did not get an opportunity to fix my postings, they just completely
deleted them.  So, I will relist them and they should be up by morning.
Sorry if anyone was bidding and got screwed, I am as shocked and
surprised as anyone could be.
Try searching again tomorrow.
Jim Klein
my ebay name is walterrohrl

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