[s-cars] AAN 20VT in a 4000CS?

Paul Park Paul.Park at Colorado.EDU
Mon Nov 10 20:38:13 EST 2003

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I was day dreaming today about a black on jacquard sport satin 4000CS
today. It had the euro lights, the UrQuatro flares and a mean 20VT
under the hood.

Assuming I decide to ditch the UrS4 one day, and keep the engine, is
the 4000 a feasible car to put the 20VT in? How hard would it be to fit
UrQuattro flares? How would I match up the rear bumper to the flares.
Does the 4000CS also have galvanized steel to prevent rust?

How much would it cost to put my 20VT, direct ignition and all, into a

Pictures would be appreciated.

-maybe ditching the UrS4 for a Porsche, and having a 4000 for a winter

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