[s-cars] Re: Hap's RSB GP OK for me

Airbil at aol.com Airbil at aol.com
Thu Nov 13 00:39:54 EST 2003

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boys boys boys
After observing this list for 2 plus years now I would step up and say that
whenever anyone gets you a part or runs a GP it is a thankless task and those
that just send in their money should just sit back and wait.  What even
motivates a senseless soul to design, fabricate or muchless sell a part is beyond me
but I for one certainly appreciate the many efforts that have helped deplete
my wallett.
In all the years I have never heard of anyone being blatantly ripped off by a
fellow lister.
This Rs2 du la stuff is not easy.  (read its not ez) and becoming MORE
difficult from what I read.  But; being RS2'd myself and even with an 80% clutch
issue, it is very much worth chasing.  More and more an art form,
So, to summarize in a sentence; Wheres my lower door trim?  Well its coming.
and when?  ,,, well sometime ASAP I think, but I thank Chris for even
thinking lower door trim savings when he has a new wife to think of and lord knows he
wouldn't be doing this if he had any sense... or kids:)
Bill m

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