[s-cars] Is my Alternator gone on my 93 S4?

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 29 16:07:35 EST 2003

Sounds pretty classic for an alternator failure of some sort.  I am not sure
which internal part has failed but I usually just replace the whole thing on
most of my cars, but then again how much are alternators for these cars....I
haven't ever had to replace one.

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I am having classic systems of a failed Alternator. This morning when I
started the car I noticed after the system check my battery light and break
light continuously stays on but only very faintly. After dropping my son off
at pre-school, I get the battery alarm display. After a few more blocks
everything begins shutting down (radio, ABS, etc) and the car dies.

I had my brother bring me another battery, we install it and I get the car
home. The break light and battery light are still on very faintly.

Since then I have confirmed there is nothing wrong with my original battery
and I have cleaned all the contacts on the Alternator. No change.

How do I confirm if my alternator is definitely toast.


Peter S.

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