[s-cars] Failed Emissions - NOX Too High - Help please

bob.rossato at att.net bob.rossato at att.net
Mon Apr 12 12:11:58 EDT 2004

Could be a bad kitty.

> Crap!!  Arrived at the Maryland emissions station overly confident - left
> with my tail between my legs with high NOX reading.
> Pulled codes over the weekend and none came up with none on the VAG.
> Checked the fluctuation of O2 lambda value and all seemed well - meaning
> fluctuated quickly in the Bentley defined range.  O2 sensor only has 20K
> miles on it and is OE Bosch with OE connector.  Only issue I know of is my
> ISV.  Soaked in brake cleaner overnight and then Carb cleaner for a few
> hours.  My idle still drops so I do now know I need a new one.
> April of '02 emissions show all gas readings WAY below state levels.  Car
> has MTM 1+ from Anderson installed a few weeks after the April '02 test.
> Any ideas on things to check greatly appreciated.  Would a bum ISV
> potentially be the issue?
> Regards,
> Mark
> 95.5 S6

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