[s-cars] 95 S6 Airbag troubles

Hartmann Schoebel has_nachtigal at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 23 15:06:46 EDT 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a little advice regarding the airbag system in my 95 S6.  
About two of months ago, the airbag warning indicator came on.  Just over 
one month ago, my mechanic informed me that the code and subsequent tests 
showed that the driver's airbag was bad and needed to be replaced.  This 
seems to be a VERY rare problem.  So, okay, fix it; don't want to be driving 
enthusiastically without an airbag.  All in all, a pretty pricey repair ... 
about $1,000, most of which was the replacement airbag itself.

Over last weekend, the airbag warning indicator comes on again!  A little 
perturbed and frustrated, I talk to the mechanic, ... again.  He needs to 
check the diagnostic code.  Okay.  Fine.

The new code suggests that an "intermittent clock spring problem."  
Suggested fix is to replace the clock spring.

Before jumping into this second costly repair, does anyone have any thoughts 
that may confirm or present competing scenarios?  Could there be a wiring 
fault in the steering wheel that needs to be diagnosed? Should I get a 
second opinion?

Thanks in advance,


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