[s-cars] Sticking Rear Calipers (was: Ohh Bugger!)

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Sat Apr 24 01:11:19 EDT 2004

> Trevor complained:< trevorricetemp at hotmail.com>

> Rear Calipers are sticking on after parking brake is applied, spoke to 
> ya
> all a few weeks ago so did a little checking & they look to need 
> replacing.
> So Q of the day where can get a pair of rears calipers? cheap :-) Being
> quoted $225 each for rebuilds.
> Trev


Try these folks online, Trev.   I like them.  They will sell you new 
calipers for $150 ea. or rebuilds if you desire.   All these online 
places sell bare rear calipers, the carriers are extra if you can find 
them. I have seen just the carrier pins and boots for sale as an option 
to new carriers.  Sticking brakes means corrosion in cables, e-brake 
cams, or carrier pins, so check out condition of all.  Fred Munro's 
write-up will tell you all you want to know (more) but involves a lot 
of work.  To really fix the e-brake cam, you need to disassemble the 
caliper and reseal the cam shaft.  You can get a caliper rebuild kit 
(seals) from AutohausAZ and the e-brake seal from NAPA (part 6405 from 
Chicago Rawhide),  and carrier boots from ??.  Then Konstantine Bogach 
had a procedure to disassemble the caliper without the special tools.
At least, the cables are cheap.  You just have to be a contortionist or 
disassemble half the car to replace them.
Best just to keep out of the salty slush or rinse the undercarriage.  
Good Luck, and don't forget those brake hoses are getting old also.

Tom '95 S6

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