[s-cars] lower door trim procedure?

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Tue Jul 20 13:51:41 EDT 2004

Slide the old one off (pull towards back of car).  Clean the dirt and
crap off the tabs and paint underneath.  Wax the paint and slide the new
one on (push towards front of car).  Apply cap to front of trim.  It may
help to spray the inside of the new trim with graphite lube to help it
slide on easily.  Graphite also helps keep the rubber new somehow.

Gabriel Caldwell

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Morning gents-

So I've got me some new lower door trim and would like to install it to
replace the obligatory pucker infested black rubber strips on there now.
Problem is I'm a moron.  Any suggestions how to remove / install these
Will I need new fasteners?  Etc.?

Any advice ill or otherwise appreciated...  gots to primp the S's quaff
//SFest and all...

-Paul where's Rossato when I need him K.
'95and starting to look it //S6

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