[s-cars] Allroad - which year to get?

R. Mair waves at comcast.net
Thu Sep 30 07:21:57 EDT 2004

We have a 2002 AR and love it. There have been a few little problems, but 
they were all taken care of under warranty. The car in general has been a 
great performer, hauling my kids to school, getting groceries and on 
ocassion, taking me on ski trips. I still rather take my 94 S4, but the AR 
is simply the best all-around car we ever had. I even drove it to the top of 
a ski slope a few years back! I don't think there was much difference since 
they debuted in 2001, other than perhaps some color changes and option 
switching. They added the 4.2 V8 for the 2004 model year but i haven't 
driven one yet. Our warranty expires in 1.5 years and we may be looking at 
getting a left-over 2005 if one's available. The Pikes Peak will be 
replacing the AR in the 2006 model year :-(   If you have any questions, 
feel free to email me.

Rolf Mair

2002 AR
1994 S4
1990 90q 20vt
1969 427 Camaro Conv.

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S-car nutz,

We may be in the market for an Allroad within the next year.
I'd like to take some time now to become acquainted with the
differences in the different years.

Are there any websites that show the differences...is there one on
audiworld? Does anyone have first hand knowledge?


Thanks for your input!

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