[s-cars] How about some wheels?

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Wed Mar 16 22:47:47 EST 2005


If you focus on exact stock wheel *diameter* you'd have some more
choices...like a 255/40 17 tire on a 17x8 wheel.

Lots of those around!


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> Ok, so has any found any other 16x8 rims out there? Looking to keep
> exact stock wheel size, just because I want to if possible  :)
> Looking around on a few sites I see a lot of 16x7 & 7.5, but no 8's.
> I'm not looking for anything real fancy, but want an extra set around
> for 2 sets of tires. One for my everyday driving, and the other for
> AutoX'ing the pig.
> If I have to, I'll go for the 7.5, but want to peg the list first for any
> -Nick keeping HIS s car stock Stuart
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