[s-cars] CV Boot Fix Snag

Douglas Fifield douglas.fifield at gmail.com
Mon May 2 08:28:38 EDT 2005

So, yesterday, I jack the car up and prepare for the CV boot
replacement.  Hmmm, car not high enough to get to inner flange area. 
Jack up higher (using jack stands), but I am still almost
nose-to-exhaust in flange area.  Don't feel comfortable jacking higher
and/or using any kind of force while car perched up that high.  Lower
car and retighten axel bolt.

There is also a shield partially blocking access to inner flange bolts
on the right side.  I will need to rotate the axel as I go to get
access to bolt heads.  Will this do any harm to the bearing (kind of a
late question as I already rotated the hub with the bolt out)?

I am now trying to gain access to a lift.  Any suggestions on how to
do this job on the floor if need be?
Douglas in MN
95.5 Audi S//6 Avant
73 BMW R60/5 mit Toaster Tank

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