[s-cars] brake upgrade w/used calipers?

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Wed May 18 19:01:41 EDT 2005

--- Kenneth Keith <auditude at gmail.com> wrote:
> I can apparently get new 993tt calipers for $600/pair from Crescent
> Porsche, or used 996 non-turbo calipers for $400 from that well known
> Porsche dismantler on the west coast.  I think I prefer black, if that
> matters.  I have the RS2 brackets already, and can get the rotors for
> $85 each.  I haven't priced the bolts, lines, pads, and other
> ancillary stuff yet.
> I know people have used used calipers before successfully, but perhaps
> someone has a story about buying used calipers and it not going
> smoothly?  At this level, would it be foolish to try to save some cash
> by going used?  Is there a third option that is cost competitive, like
> rebuilding some used calipers myself?

if you have some mechanical aptitude, don't sweat buying used calipers.
any 996 caliper is likely to be in good shape if it hasn't been physically
damaged.  remember that porsches typically don't get a lot of miles.
replacing caliper piston seals is easy and parts are available cheaply.
i bought my 996 calipers used and threw them on the car without problems.


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