[s-cars] ABS fuse pulled- Brake bias/proportion gone?

Keith Maddock keith.maddock at gmail.com
Tue May 31 10:11:24 EDT 2005

I'll third the opinion that this sounds like a sensor backed out a little bit.

ABS OFF switch went away after 92.  My 93 did not have one.

The 1995.5 switch to the EDL also meant a switch to later ABS which
took care of the proportioning using the ABS valves. ( aka EBD
(electronic brake distribution) or DRP (dynamic rear proportioning) ).

Until the 95.5 w/ EDL, the rear proportioning was still being done by
the load sensitive prop valve somewhere near the rear suspension -
this bit is prone to sticking.

Technically with a 93 you should be ok without ABS, as long as your
rear prop valve is in proper working order.


On 5/31/05, calvinlc at earthlink.net <calvinlc at earthlink.net> wrote:
> I had a similar problem on my '89 200.  The stupid sensor had just backed
> out a little bit.  I just tapped it back in gently with a hammer and all was
> well.  If you can put an o-scope on the signals coming into the ABS computer
> you will see a weak signal level from one that is backed out.  As far as
> turning off the ABS, the later S-Cars don't have the ABS off switch that my
> '92 has?  I guess this was one difference that had escaped me....now that I
> think about it, though, when they went to EDL in '95 they probably deleted
> the ABS on/off switch???
> --Calvin
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> The Squeal has nothing to do with the ABS intervention.
> What you are experiencing is either A Sensor depth issue or a dead
> sensor/break in the wire. Try new sensor if the wires buzz out.

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