[s-cars] Suspension work done - finally!

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Thu May 11 11:10:26 EDT 2006

Yes, Canadian winters can be harsh, but on the west coast its pretty
mild and we only get about 3-4 days of snow in the city. Unfortunately,
my car was sourced from Toronto where they use salt for about 2 months
straight. Its in relatively good shape, but still this is why I ran into
the problems with the broken brake line and ABS sensors.
Gotcha on the "silver car", its a 2004 Derbi scooter! 50 cc of raw HP,
top speed 75 km/hr.

Wow Sean, REALLY well done.  That looks to very much be quite the
unenviable task(sssssssssssss).  Squared.  The results must be very
rewarding.  Shame on Canadian winter and it'll all look like the pile 'o
parts on der floor 8-(.

Question tho...  what's the silver car in one of the pics???  Can make
out a rear decklid and some sort of funky tail light / blinker /
reflector assembly but it's got me stumpified.

Kudos again on the work.  Glutton.  I'll pretend mine's as nice and sit
on the couch with a beer! 


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