[s-cars] trip computer display, and a stereo question

Alex Williams bwillia0 at yahoo.com
Tue May 16 15:54:50 EDT 2006

If I may ask a non-S-car related question, my wife's 2000 A6 Avant suffers from a severe case of display burnout on the trip computer. Can this part be replaced with a new one or is it so integral to the dash that it cannot be swapped? If it can be swapped, can it be swapped with a newer color LCD screen or do I have replace it with another red LED display?
  Getting back to the UrS4, has anyone ever installed a stereo in a different location than the stock radio? There's a CD player that's iPod compatible that I like but it's so damned ugly and doesn't look OEM at all. I was thinking of stashing it in the glove box or else mounting it between the front seats under the arm rest or something, if such a thing is possible. 
  Thanks from Alex, dash-stroker and VDO gauge fetishist

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