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Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu Oct 4 10:57:11 PDT 2007

You're just put out that I didn't have a supply of those $51 wheels  
in there
:-)  .  Don't criticize the supply locker too much, lest you have a  
need for some shiny new part resting in there.  :)

Some of the contents are merely current projects kept handy, but the  
consists of parts I have had a need for on previous road trips and found
them very inconvenient and expensive to obtain.  This vehicle has been
to the left and right coasts twice in my ownership, and I insist on not
having to look for some coolant or a clamp, hose, plug, POS, air for  
or common tools, etc, in UT or NV, or two blocks from home.

You may have to compromise to make room for the child restraint
etc, but some of the really handy stuff is very small.

I find it much better for my maintenance program to order these things I
know I will consume and others in high probability of use where I can
verify part #'s and sizes and comparison shop.  Seems to work best for
me.  YMMV.


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>> Since the dealer usually does not have a
>> supply in stock, I sourced mine from McMaster-Carr so I have
>> replacements readily available.
>> Tom
> Which I'm guessing you had in your trunk at S-fest....just in case!
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